Private agencies

Department of Non-State Provenance Fonds and Collections (6th Department) manages archival records created by natural persons, families, interest self-government (political parties, societies, civic associations, and the like), some enterprises, and others. The Department carries out acquisition and pre-archival care at these agencies.

Department of Self-Government, State Administration until 1848, and Ecclesiastical Institutions Fonds (1st Department) carries out pre-archival care at secular and monastic ecclesiastical institutions, whose fonds it administers as deposits, as well as at other supreme bodies and institutions of an ecclesiastical nature (e.g. the Roman Catholic Church, the Brethren Church and other churches, a number of male and female monastic institutions etc.).


Examples of fonds and collections:

  • Family archives (Habsburgs of Tuscany, Metternich, Randa and Kruliš);
  • Personal fonds (Jan Masaryk, F. X. Hodáč, Jan Malypetr, Klement Gottwald, Antonín Zápotocký, Ivan Sviták, etc.);
  • Fonds of political parties (Central Committee of the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia, the Sudeten German Party, the Czechoslovak National Socialist Party, the Czechoslovak Social Democratic Party, and others);
  • Fonds of societies, social organizations and civic associations (Patriotic-Economic Society, Czechoslovak Sokol Community, Czech Tourist Club, Czechoslovak Red Cross London, Archive of Czech Union of Journalists, National Front, Union of Anti-Fascist Fighters, and others);
  • Fonds of cultural institutions (Archive of the National Theatre in Prague, Ukrainian Museum in Prague), collections (maps and plans, posters, leaflets, newspaper clippings, etc.).