Submission pursuant to Act No. 106/1999 Coll.

Request for information pursuant to Act No. 106/1999 Coll., on Free Access to Information

It must be clear from the application (Section (14)):

  1. to which obliged entity (i.e. to which authority, and the like) it is addressed;
  2. that the applicant demands information within the meaning of that Act;
  3. must contain the applicant’s address for service;
  4. who submits it (i.e. the name, surname, date of birth, address of permanent residence or delivery address must be stated for a natural person, name, company ID, registered office address, or address for delivery, which may also be electronic address).

If the application does not have these essential requirements, it is not an application within the meaning of the cited Act (i.e. when processing it, the Archives will not provide information according to the relevant provision of the cited Act, but will consider the form of the response provided to the applicant).

In the case of submission via telecommunications equipment, the applicant’s relevant identification (e.g. e-mail address) must also be given. If the application does not contain these data, the Archives will invite the applicant within 7 days to complete it. If the applicant fails to specify the application within 30 days of the date of receipt of the call, the Archives shall postpone the application, or, in the case of an application which is incomprehensible and not further specified, it shall decide to reject the application; a record shall be made of the information provisioning process.

The application does not need to be signed with a guaranteed electronic signature.