Anti-corruption measures

According to Government Resolution No. 1057 of 15 December 2015, which approved the concept of the fight against corruption for the years 2015 to 2017, we publish information on the decision-making system in accordance with Section (2)(2). These include information on the structure of the Service Authority, contacts to the senior civil servants/managers and the curriculum vitae of the Head of the Service Authority (PDF – 136 kB).

In order to implement Government Decree No. 145/2015 Coll., on measures related to the notification of suspected unlawful act in the Service Authority, the National Archives establishes for the receipt of notifications:

  • e-mail address:;
  • publicly accessible mailbox labelled “anti-corruption” in the seat of the Authority in Praha 4, Archivní 2257/4, 149 00, in the reception room at the entrance to the building;
  • investigation post – JUDr. Zdeňka Jindrová.

Civil Service Regulation (PDF – 252 kB) of the Director of the National Archives, which lays down the Internal Anti-corruption Programme in the National Archives and its Annex (PDF – 252 kB).