Request form for provision of archival records for on-site consulting (when ordering via the Internet)

This form is required by Decree No. 645/2004 Coll., as amended:
The researcher shall complete the application form for provision of archival records stating his/her name, surname, name of the archival group, box number, book number, eventually the inventory number or shelf mark or folio that he/she requests to study, and shall sign and date the application. A researcher may send the request to the Archives also by the means of remote access (Internet). If the request sent by means of remote access does not contain all the required data or if the wording of the request for the provision of archival records is unclear, inaccurate or unspecific, the request so sent shall be considered informative and non-binding. Such a request may be granted within a reasonable time after its clarification during a personal visit of the researcher in the Archives. When visiting the Archives, he/she will fill in the application form and provide it with his/her signature and date. The application form is then attached to the research sheet and becomes part of it.



Application forms for thematic searches (fee-based inquiry)


Application for ascertainment of census data in the territory of the former Czechoslovakia

for official use Domicile, nationality, citizenship. Extracts from census sheets from the 1930 census (Bohemia, Moravia and Sub-Carpathian Ruthenia) 1939 (territory ceded to Germany).


Application for ascertainment of citizenship data

Determination of citizenship, state reliability and integrity, acquisition of Czechoslovak citizenship after the war, release from the state bond in 1951–1966.


Application for ascertainment of data concerning persecution during the Nazi occupation

Data on persons imprisoned, executed (martyred) in particular concentration camps, prisons, penitentiaries and labour education camps in Bohemia, Moravia, and the former Nazi Third Reich.


Application for ascertainment of data from the residence records of persons living until 1953 in the then territory of the Capital City of Prague

Data on persons living in the Capital City of Prague until 1953.


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