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Application for searching information about archival records of the National Archives.
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The portal enables on-line access to archival records and finding aids of the National Archives.

Virtual archive of charters of Central Europe – Monasterium: an international project. In 2005, the National Archives in Prague joined the Monasterium project. The aim of the project is to make available and free of charge as many charters and other types of documents as possible, especially from Central European monasteries and bishoprics, to the general research public through the website at

In recent years, the National Archives has digitized the oldest cadastral maps of municipalities in the territory of the former country of the mid-19th-century Province Bohemia, the so-called Indication Sketches of the Stable Cadastre. A total of 9,138 maps were processed and 199,006 scans were made. Map originals will no longer be provided to researchers. The database for accessing the indication sketches is available on the website of the Czech Office for Land Surveying and Cadastre, under the section Stable Cadastre, Digitized Sketches. If you discover errors in the database, please send notice to the following address:

Complete database of digitized residence permit applications (conscriptions) of the Prague Police Directorate from 1850 to 1918.  The database holds more than 2 million records of individuals whose names appear on the conscriptions.

Selected bibliography ON THE HISTORY OF SECURITY FORCES in the territory of Czechoslovakia in 1918–1991

Version: 1.0 (PDF – 1 MB)

Archival fonds “German State Ministry for Bohemia and Moravia” is remotely accessible to the public.

Political Trials of the 1950s
Slánský  ⁄  Oatis

Translocation plans of Jewish residences in the Lands of the Bohemian Crown from the period of 1727–1728